If you’re an enthusiast of all things that go bump in the night, then this page is for you. What I will be featuring on this page will consist of original short stories, poems (aside from “Horror,” there is a separate page for all my other short stories and poems), horror movie reviews, paranormal events and history, and upcoming projects I’m working on. I’m excited to share that some of the first content to be published here are three movie reviews(Alien Abduction, The Bay and Escape from Tomorrow), and two new chilling short stories called “My Elmo” and “A Knock At The Door.” Watch for these and I will update this page regularly to let you know what more is coming from The Madhouse! 

8161350193_a7b5a52e3f_h (1)

Photo Credit: Crysco Photography/Model: Bianca Maitia, Some Rights Reserved. https://www.flickr.com/photos/cryscophotography/


A Knock At The Door (Written 09/2014, Final Revision 10/7/2014)

My Elmo (Written 09/11/2014, Edited 09/14/2014, & Final Revision 10/7/2014)

TheWoodsWhereSallyLives (Written 09/13/2014)

Critter (Written 09/14/2014)

Davey (Written 09/16/2014-09/17/2014, Revised 09/23/2014 & 10/7/2014)

Jenson Creed (A poem, written on 09/19/2014)

 The Pokemon Man (Written 09/20/2014, Revised 09/23/2014)

The Samhain Sacrifice (Written/Revised from 09/21/2014-09/23/2014 & Final Revision 09/28/2014)

A Guest for Dinner (Written 09/23/2014-09/24/2014)

Sarah’s Coulrophobia (Originally written in late September 2014, complete revision on May 9, 2015)

A Gift For You (A poem, written on 09/30/2014)

Five Stories of Fear The Day the Hearse Came By (Written May 9, 2015)

Five Stories of Fear When Walking Home (Written 10/12/2014)

Five Stories of Fear It Lived Above Us (Written 10/13/2014-10/16/2014)

Five Stories of Fear Laughing in the Dark (Written 10/2014-06/2015)

*Five Stories of Fear A Nightmare to Remember: Coming Soon (Written October-November 2014, Revised January 2015)

Doctor Dennison’s Patient (Written January-April 2015)

Silly Amberlee (The sequel to Laughing in the Dark/Written August 2015)

(Written August 2015)


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