Enter the Madhouse

Welcome to the Madhouse!

My name is Kiriakos Vilchez, and this is The Madhouse: My personal domain, showcasing all of my creative insanity that dwells within, all for your reading enjoyment. As an independent writer with works published through different outlets, this is my new blog designed to share my literary works, some ghosts from the past, others as new as a freshly cut lawn. Here you shall hopefully find something to make you think, laugh, cry, scream, or all of the above. Whether that be a story about disturbing clowns, an article on the secrets of the American Revolution, or a silly poem about cats, I sincerely want you to find something here that makes you realize a trip to the Madhouse was just what the doctor ordered.  I hope you enjoy your stay at The Madhouse, but be forewarned: Linger for too long and you might just never leave.. 


Photo Credit: Skley Photography, Some Rights Reserved. https://www.flickr.com/photos/dskley


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